Rotary-Cut Corestock Veneers

Rotary-Cut Corestock Veneers

Sizes: The most popular size of veneer sheet is 8x4s (actually 99x50L, with the grain running in the 50 direction), but we also have 4x8s, 6x4s, 10x4s, and other custom sizes. All have at least 2 of trim in each direction.

Below are some of the thicknesses we handle regularly, along with the number of sheets in a typical crate.

Thickness # Pieces/crate

1/16 (1.5mm) 450

1/10 (2.5mm) 280

1/8 (3.2mm) 250

1/7 (3.6mm) 200

1/6 (4.2mm) 170










Ports: Most of our wood enters the United States at Savannah, Georgia, and we maintain stocks at warehouses there. We also stock some core veneers at our headquarters in High Point, North Carolina, where we have a 40,000 square foot warehouse.

Although Savannah is our primary port, we regularly ship veneer to other ports to make it more convenient to our customers. That will generally require a minimum order if at least one truckload.

Gross Veneer Sales is one of the largest importers of rotary-cut tropical corestock veneers to the United States. We have weekly shipments from Africa, South America and Asia.

Species: The primary species for corestock is Ceiba pentandra, which is called Fuma in Africa and Sumauma in Brazil. It produces veneers which are uniformly light in color and weight, which are dimensionally stable, and which are easily pressed. We also have other species from Brazil, such as Amesclao, which are good when a higher density core is called for.