Rotary-Cut Okuome for Crossbands and Backs

Rotary-Cut Okoume for Crossbands and Backs

For over twenty-five years, Gross Veneer Sales has been importing Okoume veneers. This species makes an excellent sound back for 4x8 panels, and has also been very popular with our furniture customers, who cut it to size for backs and crossbands. In recent years, it has found a market in fancy two-ply faces, where it makes an excellent back.

The species is a uniform grayish pink in color, which is one of its best qualities. This allows it to be used under thin faces or paper overlays without any color variation telegraphing through the face.

We generally stock it in High Point, North Carolina, in a 50x100L size. The thicknesses are 1/24 (1.0mm) and 1/39 (0.65mm). Generally the grade is C+Better, per International Wood Products Association (IWPA) grading rules, which is a sound grade.