Veneercore Platforms

Veneercore Platforms

To increase production capacity through their presses, many of our customers buy veneercore platforms. These are pieces of tropical plywood which are 1/16 thinner than the final desired thickness. Thus for 3/4 panels, the platform size will be 11/16. In addition, the grain of the outside plies of the platform runs in the short direction, and the panels are at least 1 oversize in both directions to allow for trimming of the panel.


All of our platforms are calibrated in abrasive planers to a tolerance of +/- 0.010 (0.25mm), in keeping with IWPA rules.

Sizes are typically 8x4 (i.e. 97x49L), 6x4, 7x4 and 10x4. Platforms with the grain of the outside plies running in the long direction (typically for counterfronts) are also available.

The most common thicknesses and the usual pieces per crate are listed below. Thicker panels are available by special order.

Thickness # Pieces/crate

5/16 (8.0mm) 100

7/16 (11.1mm) 60

9/16 (14.3mm) 50

11/16 (17.5mm) 40

15/16 (23.8) 30