Sliced Flitchstock Veneers

Sliced Flitchstock Veneers

                 Gross Veneer Sales was started in the late 1950s to do nothing except to sell sliced flitchstock veneers.  It is still a substantial part of our sales.  We specialize in imported species, since we are primarily an importing company.

             Below are the species in which we keep significant inventories at our High Point, North Carolina, warehouse, along with the time of slicing.


FC = FlatCut                    Q = Quartered                 HR = HalfRound



Primavera                       FC         

Brazilian Mahogany         FC                      

Figured Eucalyptus         Q          

Pomele Eucalyptus         Q

Teak                                FC

Wormy Chestnut             FC

Figured Imbuya               FC

Lacewood                        Q

Louro Preto                     FC

Birdseye Maple                FC and HR         

Curly Maple                     FC and HR





We welcome your inquiries regarding specific figure and grain patterns.