Guatambu Dieboard Plywood

Guatambu Dieboard Plywood

Guatambu is a species from the temperate forests of Paraguay that has mechanical properties superior to those of hard maple. For this reason it is a perfect substitute for maple in the manufacture of steel-ruled dies.

The quality of this plywood is greatly improved over typical plywood, where defects such as knots and open holes in the veneer are used in the inner plies of the board where they can be concealed. In our dieboard plywood, these defects have been clipped out prior to pressing. This produces a panel which is perfect for either routing or laser-cutting, at a substantial reduction in cost from maple.

We stock the following sizes in High Point.

Size Pieces/crate

5/16x4x5L 80

1/2x4x5 54 & 82

1/2x63x74 54

5/8x3x4 42 & 68

5/8x4x5 42 & 65

5/8x4x6 42

5/8x63x74 42









Also, with the help of our sister company, United Finishers, Inc., we can finish the dieboards with a UV-cured polyester finish. This seals the boards from absorption of moisture, keeping them flat and clean during the die-manufacturing process and in the service life of the product. We can apply this finish on all the boards except those that are 63 wide.